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Car Upholstery

We spend a ton of time looking at the interior of cars because of the tinting jobs we do, and as a result see a lot of custom upholstery jobs. Especially where we are in California, there are some pretty radical upholstery jobs on seats of cars that just blow our mind! The picture below is certainly not one of the custom jobs we have seen. This is the interior of a ’71 Plymouth Duster, which we are doing a tinting job on very shortly. We wanted to show this to you because we have a Car Upholstery shop down in Chandler, Arizona that is going to help us out with it, and make this overhaul of the Duster look really good.

Car Upholstery

Normally when we see great interior upholstery jobs, they are for either new cars, or vintage cars. Personally, I don’t know that I would call a Plymouth Duster a vintage car, but there is some serious sentimental value to the customer that can’t be properly conveyed on a blog post. We have been in the same boat in the past, with a very old Chevelle that we custom fitted with a new engine, wheels, tires, and of course a fantastic tint job. Most of the time, we like to take old cars and pimp them up a bit to look like we want them to. We call it our own Mexican equation, and it fits us and our family here at the tint shop pretty well.

When we think of Car Upholstery, these are some of the things we think of:

  1. Custom Leather. We have seen upholstery shops use leather of any color to work a custom upholstery job on the interior of a car. The best custom leather jobs are the ones that embroider logos or initials into the leather. You would typically see these custom jobs in celebrities cars because they can afford to pay for the cost of the job, which can be very high.
  2. Seamless design. What do we mean by seamless design? For example, your steering wheel, when it comes in a brand new car, has a seamless design on it, without any high seams, or virtually no bumps on a leather steering wheel cover. Upholstery shops can make this same design, and do it with virtually any material, depending on your taste.
  3. The seat covers need to fit well with the interior of the vehicle, as well as the exterior paint job of the car. Contrast is fine, but it has to be colors that go very well together. Many times, we have seen car owners simply repaint their cars according to the color of the new upholstery that goes in the vehicle.

Most of the vehicles that we do our tint jobs for don’t have custom upholstery, but when we see them, we certainly give them a long hard look. Custom upholstery is something that we have had done to a couple of our cars, and we have had the pleasure of working with some very talented upholstery designers who can do just about anything with leather or vinyl.

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Welcome to my tinting website

Thanks for visiting my website about Window Tinting. I am here to let you know more about my services, as well as share some secrets to window tinting that I have learned through the years. I will talk about the various people that I have helped, along with recommending service providers that also do window tinting that I partner up with.

I have been fortunate to help some very good people, and normally I trade my services for theirs. I like to do business that way, especially because my main job pays the bills well enough (I’m an auto mechanic by trade).

Because I also work in the auto field, I meet lots of people who need their windows tinted, so it’s a good double dip to be able to offer a great service at a reasonable price or trade.

I was taught how to tint windows by my father, who doesn’t do as many jobs these days, but he likes to hang out and drink Corona while I work on tint jobs. I’m glad to spend time with my Dad doing what he loved to do, and it makes me happy that he sees me working on what he made a career for so many years.

Just last night, one of my friends came over to have me do his tint on his car. I did the first two windows, and he will come over to finish the job tonight. He will most likely give me a quarter of a cow in exchange for my services (I will freeze the meat, and eat it through December). Other friends give me nice whiskey, tequila, or other things that we agree on before each tint job is performed.

I am looking forward to about 8 more tint jobs this month, and some will be cash as well, but small sums of course.

Like I said above, I work with a number of partners, including some up in San Francisco for larger tint jobs. I will talk about those partners in upcoming posts.

Until then, take a look at the tint in your car and make sure it’s not bubbling or cracking!



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